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How to Make Forgiveness Happen

There is enough in the past few days’ worth of devotionals to keep us thinking (and forgiving) for weeks. But there are a couple of specific applications that need to be considered. First, focus fully on God’s forgiveness of you. Don’t hurry through this. Think of how vast, how extensive His mercy has been extended toward you, like David did when he wrote “Hymn 103.”

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June 2022 resources

Slow Down and Take It In

Looking for a book to shake you out of sameness and routine? Each of these books can challenge your thinking in multiple areas of your life and pave the way for new growth.

Feature: Free download: David radio drama

Radio Drama on David

David’s life is fully dramatized in an audio format, including vivid sound effects and a stirring musical score. When you and your family sit together to listen, you’ll be transported back to David’s time.

This Month's Letter from Chuck: God's Own Heart

Put a Smile on God’s Face

Could you be described as a person “after God’s own heart”? What does that even mean? Read Pastor Chuck’s thoughts and challenges in that area as he relates the phrase to David—and to you!

Video Insight: Temptation

Run, Christian, Run!

Each one of us faces our own kinds of temptations that threaten to lure us away from God’s best for us. Pastor Chuck Swindoll describes sure ways to stand strong and resist these lures.

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