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Ministry to the Miserable

You don’t run through an art gallery; you walk very slowly. You often stop, study the treasured works of art, and take time to appreciate what has been painted. You examine the texture, the technique, the choice and mixture of colors, the subtle as well as the bold strokes of the brush, the shadings. And the more valuable the canvas, the more time and thought it deserves. You may even return to it later for a further and deeper look, especially if you are a student of that particular artist.

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Shallowness is not attractive. If you realise that you are not as deep a person as you would like to be . . . today is the day to make decisions that can change the course of your life.

Understanding the Bible

Have questions about the Bible and how it applies to you? Let these tools, articles, audio sermons, and resources help you incorporate the Scriptures more fully into your life.

Learn These Key Lessons

As you serve God, you’ll encounter difficulties from other people, from your own fallen nature, and from life’s trials. Find help to navigate these issues and become a more effective servant.

Actions Speak Loudest

Do you spend a lot of time surrounded by those who don’t know Christ? Here’s what Chuck Swindoll says will be sure to win the world’s attention more than anything else.

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