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For Bible Teachers

Do you teach the Bible? If so, that’s great. No other calling is more needed or carries with it greater responsibility. My advice? Study hard. Pray for insight. Be accurate with facts. Be clear in your delivery. Take your time. Relive and imagine those scenes.

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August resources

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Philippians is one of the most joy-filled books in the Bible. Increase your joy quotient by studying it. And learn how to lift the heavy hearts of others through your caring words.

hour glass for wisdom article

Where Is Wisdom Found?

We all want more wisdom for life, right? But Pastor Chuck Swindoll reminds us that it comes through the painful surprises of life. Read about how they will all be worth it when we reach maturity.

Matthew commentary

Complete Your Set

Pastor Chuck’s must-have New Testament Commentary set is now complete. The final volume, Matthew 16-28, follows the earthly journey of Israel’s King and long-awaited Messiah.

Being an Encourager

You’re Doing Great!

Most of us can remember when someone’s well-timed words of encouragement made all the difference in our ability to press on. Pastor Chuck Swindoll urges us to pass the kindness on.

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