Bible Infographics for Kids Volume 2


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Welcome to Bible Infographics for Kids Vol. 2, where we’re going to compare some of the most AWESOME opposites from God’s Word and witness amazingly EPIC battles between good and evil.

See these fierce foes square off in the infographic octagon:

Light vs. Darkness—and why you’ll never see them in the same place.

Angels vs. Demons—both are powerful, but only one side will win in the end.

Feats of God vs. Failures of Men—God did incredible things. Men? Not so much.

False Gods vs. the One True God—separating the many pretenders from the only real contender.

Heaven vs. Hell—hell is no joke. But neither is heaven. It will be seriously mind-blowing!

And yes, we’re going to explore more fun and quirky facts from God’s Word and gain a bunch of Bible knowledge along the way. Because that’s what infographics do. They make the most exciting book in the world that much more craze-mazing!

(56-page hardback book)