Children Are A Blessing from the Lord: Learning God’s Wisdom Through Our Children



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There are frustrating moments in parenting—nappies, tantrums, sibling spats—and there are unforgettable precious moments—sticky hugs, wildflower bouquets, silly talent shows. But the special moments sometimes seem to be out of reach, buried deep beneath the load of responsibilities. Busy parents struggle just to keep it all together, and trying to find quiet time to spend by themselves or with God seems difficult—perhaps even impossible.

While quiet moments may be rare, this collection of 31 touching reflections reminds mums and dads every day, whether frenzied or serene, is filled with demonstrations of God’s blessing—for those who are watching. Tamara Boggs shows how children can be a window to greater understanding of the heavenly Father. Each brief devotional centres on lessons gathered from the daily grind of life and point to this truth: When we see God’s wisdom through the unique lens of a child’s life, we will be reminded that children are indeed a blessing from the Lord.

(144-page paperback book)