Confessions of a Cynic


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Ecclesiastes 3:16–22

In the final paragraph of Ecclesiastes 3, we find Solomon alone with his thoughts—thoughts that are disturbing and painful. He had been active in his pursuits and projects. He had engaged the help of others in much of his activity, certainly during the extensive works of erecting buildings, planting gardens, digging reservoirs and irrigation canals, providing entertainment, and a dozen other involvements (Ecclesiastes 2:4–10). But in this passage, he pulled aside from his labour and mused. He observed and meditated and evaluated. He even talked to himself! In doing so, he admitted his disillusionment and his confusion. As he realised the inequities, the injustices, the unfair treatment, the greed and pride and beastly arrogance of people all around him, he recorded his reactions. As we shall see, he also came to some of his own “under-the-sun” conclusions.

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