Going Places with God: A Devotional Journey Through the Lands of the Bible



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Where does God want me to walk? What path do I take?

These 90 daily readings, each based on a specific place in the lands of the Bible, invite you to embark on your own spiritual journey. As the spectacular, geographical backdrop unfolds, you’ll gain insights on how the lives of those in the Bible were shaped and influenced by the contours of the places in which they lived. Pertinent Scripture, historical quotes, maps and a daily prayer will help you apply the truths of each devotion to your own journey of faith. Through visiting these exciting places in the pages of this book, you are invited into the greatest adventure of all—reshaping your own life! Discover anew how God wants you to trust in His love, protection and provision for our needs through this devotional armchair travelogue.

(176-page paperback book)