Gospel Journeys, Volume 2: The Journeys of Jesus



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While we have no biblical record of Jesus ever actually leaving the region of Israel during His ministry on earth, we nevertheless learn that He was frequently on the move. John describes Him attending several pilgrim feasts in Jerusalem; we see Him journeying as far north as Caesarea Philippi, and teaching extensively around the area of Galilee. These expeditions and excursions are part of His work on earth, and Jesus taught many truths of the Kingdom of God while en route to some other place. Every journey contributes to its own message, and the journeys of Jesus have much to tell.

Messages in this series:

  1. Jesus to Banias: The Church on the Rock
  2. Jesus to Samaria: The Remedy for a Thirsty Soul
  3. Jesus to Jerusalem: The Way of Obedience
  4. Jesus to Emmaus: The Way of Understanding

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