Old Testament Characters: Practical Life Lessons from the Lesser Known Study Guide


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The Old Testament drama contains quite an unusual cast of characters! As the curtain rises and the plot of Scripture unfolds, you’ll learn things you may never have known about several of the lesser-known characters in the Bible. You’ll gain inspiration and courage from the lives of godly men and women like Jabez, Abigail, and Esther. You’ll also learn vital lessons from the struggles of people like Samson, who fought a lifelong battle with lust, and Jonah, who stubbornly refused to take God’s message to the people of Nineveh until God used gale-force winds and an enormous fish to get his attention.

As you view the performances of each of these characters, you’ll see that they wrestled with the same sins and struggled through the same trials that you have. From their wise decisions (and their not-so-wise ones), you’ll discover the importance of maintaining a strong faith and an unwavering commitment to God’s principles.

(118-page paperback study guide)