Strengthening Your Grip on Integrity


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Psalms 75:5–7; 78:70–72

Integrity is the opposite of hypocrisy. A person with integrity follows through on commitments and doesn’t back down when something better comes up. A person with integrity refuses to use others for personal benefit, doesn’t tend toward haughtiness, and has an accurate view of personal strengths and weaknesses. Integrity welcomes accountability, even when it comes through constructive criticism.

Integrity is solid like a rock. It won’t crack under the pressure of circumstances, and it won’t crumble when others leave. Integrity keeps one strong while under the white light of examination and the exacting demands of close scrutiny.

Though Christians should strive for personal integrity, we must remember that integrity does not equate to sinless perfection. No one can achieve that goal in this life. But one with integrity doesn’t hide his or her shortcomings but confesses them to the Lord and to others. Let’s learn more about integrity in this lesson.

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