The Fellowship of the Forgiven: A Biblical Approach to Church



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What Makes A Church Christian?

The Book of 1st John is a letter to all the Christian churches. John encourages us to find joy in our fellowship with one another and fulfilment in our fellowship with God. As far as John is concerned, if this kind of Christian fellowship is to come about, two big ideas are crucial. These two ideas work together to form a right understanding of the true Gospel: (1) Mankind is sinful, in need of forgiveness. (2) Christ is God, veiled in humanity so that He might intercede for humanity to bring about our forgiveness.

When either or both of these ideas are ignored, true forgiveness is short-circuited and genuine fellowship is disrupted because a false gospel is at work.

Today, just as in John’s day, such false gospels abound. The church is to be on guard against teachers who would claim that mankind is ultimately good in our own nature, or that Jesus was only human in His own nature. In his letter John offers guidance to us all, and he insists that the church pays close attention to what we believe and how we behave in light of what we know to be true.

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