The King’s Kingdom: A Study of Matthew 8-13


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On the heels of His iconic sermon, the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus immediately began demonstrating His kingly compassion by exercising His restorative and reconciling power.

Amid Jesus’ miracle working and disputes with the Pharisees, He addressed pertinent topics such as the hostility His followers will face, the mysterious nature of God’s kingdom, and the priceless treasure of our faith in Him.

Through this volume of sermons on Matthew 8–13, gain a deeper understanding of the divine King who walked among us.

Messages in this series:

  1. Out of the Crowd . . . a Leper!
  2. Snapshots of Power, Far and Near
  3. How Not to Follow Jesus
  4. Dealing with Demons
  5. A Soul-Searching Walk Alongside Jesus
  6. A Nonstop Day of Miracles
  7. Listen Well, Think Right, Talk Straight, Travel Light
  8. Sheep among Wolves: What to Expect
  9. A Severe Checklist for Disciples
  10. When Disappointment Leads to Doubt
  11. When Jesus Turned Up the Heat
  12. Get Some Rest
  13. Sabbath Lord vs. Religious Nitpickers
  14. God’s Servant or Satan’s Pawn?
  15. Severe Warnings Everyone Must Remember
  16. Miraculous Signs, Evil Spirits, Startling Statement
  17. A Story for the Hard of Listening
  18. A World Full of Wheat and Weeds
  19. Get It? Got It? Good!
  20. Home, Cynical Home
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