The Secret to Facing Hard Days: Insight on Discouragement, Guilt, and Anxiety


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Nothing takes the wind out of your sails like discouragement. And who hasn’t known a restless night filled with worries about tomorrow? And when those pesky, thorny doubts about God’s forgiveness get stuck under your skin, you need relief only a Saviour can provide.

Good thing we have one. We have a present Saviour. His name is Jesus. He stands beside us, and—even better—if we let Him, He will take the lead at life’s most critical moments.

Walk through what the Bible says about discouragement, guilt, and anxiety in this very personal look at God’s provisions for your hardest days. Each chapter includes a practical, wise word from Chuck Swindoll. Not only is this book a good reminder for you, but it’s also a good and trusted resource to pass along to a friend.

(68-page paperback book)