Til His Kindom Comes: Living in the Last Days


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End-times enthusiasts often point to current events and confidently cry, “The end is near!” Other people turn a blind eye to biblical prophecies and live as if the end will never come. Surely a biblical view of the last days must lie somewhere between wild-eyed zeal and yawning indifference. But how can we find balance?

The second book in our Issues and Answers collection, ’Til His Kingdom Comes: Living in the Last Days will help you answer some of the most pressing questions about biblical prophecy:

Could Christ come at any moment?Will Christians suffer at the hands of the Antichrist?Are prophecies being fulfilled today?

In these pages, you’ll find more than just an outline of future events; you’ll find a map for daily living—what every believer should know about the end times . . . and why.

(80-page paperback book)