Tough Talk: The Hard Sayings of Jesus



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Most of the things that Jesus said were very straightforward and easy to understand. However, some of the Lord’s sayings had just a hint of mystery to them, while others were hard to grasp and still others were simply hard to take. Tough Talk tries to listen to these sayings through ears that are willing to hear.

Messages in this series:

  1. An Unforgivable Sin?
  2. An Unpunished Sinner?
  3. Cash and Camels?
  4. Christian Cannibalism?
  5. To Go, or Not to Go?
  6. Who Does He Think He Is?
  7. Who Dines with the King?
  8. Who Will Rule?
  9. Living Water?
  10. Why Baptise Jesus?
  11. He’s Dead – or Is He?
  12. Who – Why – Where?

MP3 series of 12 messages

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Product Code: TTJMNG

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