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How’s Your Heart?

When God scans the earth for potential leaders, He is not on a search for angels in the flesh. He is certainly not looking for perfect people, since there are none. He is searching for men and women like you and me, mere people made up of flesh, bone, and blood. But He is also looking for certain qualities in those people, like the qualities He found in David.

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June's featured resources

The Word Made Alive

The short letters of 1-3 John and Jude deliver still-relevant messages of correct living in a wrong world. Enjoy Pastor Chuck’s insights in this commentary and in his study Bible, now in a larger print.

article on encouragement

You’re the Best at That!

Ever been told that? Chuck Swindoll focuses on the need for encouragement within the church and gives several examples of ways to encourage others, using Barnabas’s example.

Living Right resources

Right Is Now Wrong?

We live in an upside-down world, where wrong is right and right is wrong. How are we to live in such a world? Chuck Swindoll explores the profound truths found in the epistle of 1 John.

Sensitive to God's Leading video

God-Sent Intrusions

Do you see the people who cross your path each day as a possible divine appointment? If you do, Chuck Swindoll says you can start your day with great anticipation of adventure.

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