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Anger against God’s Enemies

As David thought about God’s intricate design of humanity in Psalm 139, and he pondered the Lord’s loyal love for each individual He took such care to fashion and endow with purpose, the king grew angry at the enemies of God. How ungrateful. How disloyal! How outrageous that they should rebel!

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A Well-Rounded Study

The writers of Matthew, Mark, and Luke each had their own view and purpose for writing about Jesus’ life. Learn what they were, and enjoy Pastor Chuck’s insight, warmth, and humour.

Remove the Weights

There are various kinds of forgiveness, some being much harder than others. But all are essential if we want to both release the past and maintain a close, unhindered walk with our Lord.

Here’s a Way to Heal

If you’ve felt the sting of betrayal, take a moment to read Pastor Chuck’s thoughtful words about how easily Jesus can relate to you. Then, find the grace you need to move on in new strength.

Think you know Jesus?

So did the disciples . . . but they had so far to go. Journey with Pastor Chuck Swindoll through the life of Jesus Christ and come to see that the one we call “Lord” is worth following and emulating—worshipping in fact!

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