Daniel Volume 2: God’s Plan for the Future


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In addition to the familiar and popular episodes of the fiery furnace, the lions’ den, and the handwriting on the wall, the book of Daniel is filled with fantastical visions of beasts, chronicles of angelic warfare and visitations, and mysterious prophecies concerning the future. No book in the Bible, except perhaps Revelation, has caused more people to ask more questions.

Are the visions and prophecies in the book of Daniel for his time only or for ours as well? Or do they speak to some distant future? When will these things take place? Does angelic warfare occur today—is there a cosmic battle raging at this moment? What exactly is God’s plan for the future? And where do we fit within that plan?

Explore these and many other questions as we look deeply into the book of Daniel and God’s plan for the future.

Messages in this series:

  1. A Prophetic Collage
  2. The Final World Dictator
  3. The Living End
  4. True Confessions
  5. The Backbone of Biblical Prophecy
  6. Supernatural Phenomena between Heaven and Earth
  7. Wars and Rumours of War
  8. A Prophetic Quartet
  9. The End of the Age

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