Growing Deep in the Christian Life: Returning to Our Roots – A Classic Series


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What words come to mind when you hear the term, theology?

Dry . . . Dreary . . . Doubtful . . . DULL.

Really? Then prepare to be surprised!

In this no-nonsense study, Chuck Swindoll blows the dust off the dull doctrines and breathes life into the practical side of theology. Filled with humorous stories and down-to-earth applications, Chuck’s study reveals how the practical side of theology is what helps us grow deeper in the Christian Life.

Messages in this series:

  1. The Value of Knowing the Scoop
  2. Don’t Forget to Add a Cup of Discernment
  3. God’s Book – God’s Voice
  4. Handling the Scriptures Accurately
  5. Knowing God: Life’s Major Pursuit
  6. Loving God: Our Ultimate Response
  7. Mary’s Little Lamb
  8. When the God-Man Walked Among Us
  9. Changing Lives is Jesus’s Business
  10. The Spirit who Is Not a Ghost
  11. From Creation to Corruption
  12. Exposing the Dark Side
  13. Mr. Smith, Meet Your Substitute
  14. The Remedy for Our Disease
  15. His Coming Is Sure . . . Are You?
  16. Until He Returns . . . What?
  17. Visiting the Real Twilight Zone
  18. An Interview with One from Beyond
  19. God’s Body-Building Program
  20. Three Cheers for the Church
  21. Encouragement Served Family Style
  22. Worship: Let It Shine, Let It Shine!


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