Heroes & Hooligans



The Bible is full of characters. In its pages we encounter all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds. And the Bible is very honest when it comes to describing them for us; “warts and all” as Oliver Cromwell insisted when he sat for his portrait. Some of these characters provide good examples for us to follow: they made good decisions or reacted well to particular situations. Others, however – by way of bad example – warn us away from ungodly thinking and rebellious behaviour.

This series takes a look at an A-to-Z of the lesser-known players in the Bible’s narrative. To coin the phrase; some were heroes, some were hooligans. Whichever side of the coin, they all have something to teach us today.

Messages in this series:

  1. Absalom
  2. Barnabas & Caleb
  3. Demetrius & Enoch
  4. Felix & Gedaliah
  5. Habakkuk & Ishmael
  6. Judas & Korah
  7. Luke & Matthew
  8. Nicodemus & Onesimus
  9. Pilate & Rehoboam
  10. Silas & Tychicus
  11. Uriah & Vajezatha
  12. Wonderful & Xerxes
  13. YHWH & Zechariah

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