Intimacy with the Almighty . . . Continuing the Journey



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Meditations by Chuck Swindoll with musical selections for intimacy with God.

Very little in our world today promotes intimacy. Shallowness is the order of the day. Deep and lasting relationships are rare. But we all long for intimacy in our relationships. Most of all we long for intimacy with God.

As important as that goal is, why don’t we make it a priority? When life gets crowded, how can we get beyond the superficial and grow deeper?

We hope you’ll find at least part of the answer as you listen to these meditations and musical selections. At times you may even want to pause the recording and reflect.

Set aside the distractions of your day. Approach the Lord in awe and worship. Draw near to God and allow Him to work thoroughly and deeply in the hidden corners of your life.

Product Code: IWACD