Job’s Counsel for Enduring Verbal Assaults


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His disastrous circumstances overwhelmed him. His boil-covered body tormented him. His so-called friends belittled him. His distraught wife discouraged him. Even God seemed to desert him—letting Satan have his devilish way. And Job sat patiently by enduring it all. Doesn’t really seem like a portrait of a hero. Or does it?

Could a man with ordinary internal fortitude stay faithful as Job did? Could a wimp endure the excruciating pain, suffering, and loss that this man did? No hero? Think again.

After a year of focused research into the life of Job, Chuck says, “Job appears boldly in the ancient book of the Bible that bears his name, and yet most of us have not taken the time to examine his life in depth. But a careful study of Job’s life will convince us that this is another of God’s amazing men with heroic character qualities worth emultating.”

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