Paws & Tales: Season Five



In season five of Paws & Tales, one of Mr. Collins’ cylinders brings the Bible story of Esther to life, revealing just how much courage and faith it took for young queen Esther to follow God and save the Israelites.

Back in Wildwood, the kids find that using your spiritual gifts takes practice, and that a shepherd’s work of caring for his sheep is not as easy as it seems!

Episodes in this series:

  1. The Story of Esther, Part 1
  2. The Story of Esther, Part 2
  3. The Story of Esther, Part 3
  4. The Island of Ned
  5. Grow Your Gifts
  6. The Good Shepherd
  7. Powers and Principalities
  8. C.J. Prospers
  9. I’m Achan All Over
  10. The Captain of My Destiny

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