Paws & Tales: Season Six



In season six of Paws & Tales, C.J. and Paw Paw Chuck visit Pleasant Valley and learn the difference between being pure of heart and being judgmental.

Paw Paw Chuck shares more from his past as “Goliath” and his road through Shadow Valley to healing. Meanwhile, C.J. and Ned realise the true meaning of freedom, and Staci learns to love truth.

Episodes in this series:

  1. Let It Go, Let It Go, Let It Go
  2. The Problem with Purity, Part 1
  3. The Problem with Purity, Part 2
  4. The Truth about Truth
  5. Shadow Valley, Part 1
  6. Shadow Valley, Part 2
  7. Shadow Valley, Part 3
  8. Shadow Valley, Part 4
  9. A Cage Called Freedom

Product Code: PT6SMST / PT6SDST

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