Paws & Tales: Season Two



In season two of Paws & Tales, C.J., Staci, and friends meet a stranger in need, discover a chance to strike it rich, and get tied up in some tricky capers. Good thing Paw Paw Chuck is there to provide wise guidance!

Will the kids put others first, learn to work together, and tell the truth even when it’s scary to speak up?

Episodes in this series:

  1. A Race against Time
  2. The Honey Buzz Principle
  3. Snake Oil
  4. The Great Go-Cart Race
  5. Hold the Anchovies
  6. A Conscious Effort
  7. Tiffany Cometh
  8. Staci’s Dilemma
  9. Blinded by the Sight
  10. The Hullabaloo at Hunker Hill

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