Paws & Tales: Season Four



In season four of Paws & Tales, Mr. Collins’ journal leads C.J. and Staci to the discovery of a lifetime. Meanwhile, The Club has an opportunity to be peacemakers—can they give grace and “hope all things”—even for those who’ve acted so rotten in the past?

With Bible stories shared along the way, the kids learn to serve one another, avoid envy, and trust God, even when things feel out of control.

Episodes in this series:

  1. The Hire Principle
  2. And Then There Were None
  3. Cylinder #137K
  4. Whose Name Is Jealous
  5. The Tribe
  6. Love Hopes
  7. CJ & Ahab
  8. Miss Helga Grissel
  9. The Least of All
  10. The Plans I Have

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