Paul’s Swan Song: A Study of 2 Timothy


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Few things today are as needed as courage—the courage to stand against lies and error, to live godly lives in a godless culture, and to pass on the gospel to future generations.

But courage isn’t something you find just around the corner. It only comes from one place.

Chuck Swindoll’s inspiring series, Paul’s Swan Song, will challenge you to stand strong in the faith and carry on the ministry of the gospel to those who follow. Best of all, it will point you to the One who can give you the courage to do so.

Messages in this series:

  1. Urgent Words from a Dungeon
  2. Tender Words from a Mentor
  3. Straight Talk to the Timid and Reluctant
  4. Two Eternal Investments
  5. Travelling a Rough and Rugged Road
  6. Accurately Handling the Word
  7. Christian Leadership 101
  8. Depravity on Parade
  9. Making a Lasting Difference
  10. God-Breathed Truth
  11. Every Pastor’s Job Profile
  12. Looking Back—No Regrets
  13. A Circle of Honour and Dishonour
  14. Grace to the Very End


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