The God of Wrath and Rescue


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2 Peter 2:4–11

In our study of Peter’s second letter, we have arrived at an extremely serious section. This should not surprise us in light of our study on false teachers. It would be easy to think that those who are guilty of deceit and exploitation, greed, and destruction do all kinds of damage yet suffer few consequences. After all, how often are we aware of the pain and suffering of the unjust? More often, it seems, it is the godly who suffer while the ungodly virtually get away with murder! Not so! And passages of Scripture like 2 Peter 2:4–11 assure us that the punishment of evildoers will be both swift and sure. But our God is just. While His anger is not spared when it comes to judging the wicked, His compassion is not withheld regarding His own. As we shall see, the same God who deals severely with wrong is faithful to rescue those who belong to Him.

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