The Gospel of Luke, Volume Two: To Be a Pilgrim



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The mission that Jesus came to accomplish was as wide as all creation. But it also had one town at its focus. Christ’s work on earth was inevitably tied to Jerusalem. But the journey from Galilee up to Zion would become a masterclass for His followers. And the topic for study was to be Discipleship.

Messages in this series:

  1. Let’s Roll! Jerusalem-Bound
  2. The Mission of the Seventy
  3. Two Tests of Discipleship
  4. The Mark of a Disciple
  5. Three Missed Opportunities
  6. Four Traps to Avoid
  7. Sabbath Lessons in a Synagogue
  8. Sabbath Lessons in a Pharisee’s House
  9. Why Bother with Sinners? Three Parables
  10. What to Do with the Money
  11. The Steward’s Obligation
  12. The Steward’s Resources–Petition and Reward
  13. The Keynote of Discipleship

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Product Code: GLK2MNG

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