Strike the Original Match – A Classic Series


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Of all the hot-button issues of our day, marriage sits near the top of the list. With a gaggle of voices clamouring for an audience, the masses have grown increasingly confused about the most fundamental understanding of marriage. As Christians place a high value on God’s Word, we look to it for clarity on the most significant questions. How does God define marriage? What direction does the Bible offer on making marriage last? What is the nature of commitment and what does it look like in this day and age? This series from Chuck Swindoll will bring clarity and offer direction as you navigate the views and vices that threaten this most sacred union.

Messages in this series:

  1. Let’s Consult the Architect
  2. The Project: Let’s Consider the Cost
  3. Let’s Repair the Foundation
  4. In Defence of Monogamy
  5. Bricks That Build a Marriage
  6. Watch Out for Cheap Substitutes!
  7. Who Says the Honeymoon Must End?
  8. Termites in Your Troth
  9. How to Have a Good Fight
  10. ‘Til Debt Do Us Part
  11. Commitment is the Key (Part One)
  12. Commitment is the Key (Part Two)
  13. Don’t Just Get Older, Get Better!
  14. What to Do with an Empty Nest


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