Helpful Hope for Broken Dreams

2 Samuel 7:18–29; 1 Chronicles 22:1–6

David said, “My son Solomon is still young and inexperienced. And since the Temple to be built for the LORD must be a magnificent structure, famous and glorious throughout the world, I will begin making preparations for it now.” So David collected vast amounts of building materials before his death. Then David sent for his son Solomon and instructed him to build a Temple for the LORD, the God of Israel. (1 Chronicles 22:5–6)

What a father! He may have been weak at other times, but at this moment, David stands tall. “Lord, I know You don’t want me to fulfill the dream, but, Lord, I’m going to set apart as much as I can to support my son as he fulfills the dream that was on my heart.” What an unselfish response.

I see two simple truths in all this. First, when God says no, it means He has a better way, and He expects me to support it.

Second, my very best reaction is cooperation and humility. He doesn’t call everybody to build the temple, but He does call everyone to be faithful and obedient. Some of you who are reading this are living with broken dreams. Sometime in the past you had high hopes that your life would go in a certain direction. But the Lord, for some mysterious reason, has now said, “No.” And you’ve moved along in life and now you’re up in years, and you find yourself slowly becoming shelved, and the younger ones are taking charge and moving on. How quickly age takes over!

Just about the time we get our act together, we’re too old to pull it off. And so we release it to the Solomon in our lives. It takes genuine humility to say to that person, “May God be with you. I’ll do everything I can to support you in seeing that it gets accomplished.”

Do you identify with David? Did you have your hands full of your dreams and your visions, ready to present them to God on the altar of sacrifice? Did you have your plans all prepared and thought through, only to see them crumble at your feet? And now you’re standing there, empty-handed?

Know this: God is ready to fill your empty hands like you would never believe, if you will only lift them up to Him in obedience and praise, as David did. God is still alive and well, and He knows what He’s doing. To some He says yes. To others, no. In either case, the answer is best. Why? Because God’s answers, while surprising, are never wrong.

Taken from Great Days with the Great Lives by Charles Swindoll. Copyright © 2005 by Charles R. Swindoll. Used by permission of HarperCollins Christian Publishing.

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