For Just Such a Time as This

Terry and Rosie Boyle’s Amazing Vision 195 Journey

When we started this, we said “two years.”
This weekend, it’ll be 11 . . .
and the adventure is just beginning!
—Rosie Boyle

Christmas 2006, Terry and Rosie Boyle and their children, Emily, Hannah, and Terence, held a two-week “family conference” at their home in Kaufman County, Texas. The agenda included only one item: Insight for Living United Kingdom.

Emily and Hannah were college aged. Terence was sixteen. Though native Brits, Terry and Rosie had lived in Texas for decades, he in home repair work or ministry and she as a nurse. Their history with Insight for Living Ministries went back seven years earlier to a porch swing near Paris, Texas, where Chuck Swindoll had been invited to speak at a retreat for the graduating class of Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS). In the cool of the evening, Chuck and his wife, Cynthia, sipped iced tea on that swing with one of the students and his wife: Terry and Rosie. As they chatted, Cynthia shared a dream—Insight for Living United Kingdom. The idea thrilled the Boyles . . . but going back to England wasn’t on their radar.

Fall 2006, our UK dream began to become reality. Chuck and Cynthia invited a young, ambitious staff member named Scott Bean to be the UK executive director and tasked him with finding a pastor for the new office. As Scott listened to the job description, he knew the perfect candidate: the pastor at his church . . . none other than Terry Boyle.

Terry remembers Scott’s invitation: “Insight wants somebody who has a lot of the things you have: an understanding of the UK and its culture, DTS training, alignment with Chuck’s theology, pastoral experience. They’re really asking me to find you.”

Terry hesitated. His church was “going gangbusters,” pushing his buttons of pastoring and shepherding. He was also teaching at DTS. Terry and Rosie felt things were finally rolling in Texas.

But later, when Scott asked again, their resistance had melted. Their family conference ended with young Terence’s wisdom: “So Dad, you’ve been dillydallying on this decision for quite a few months now. How many people in the UK haven’t heard the gospel because you’ve been dragging your feet?”

Terry and Rosie understood then, that throughout their 25 years of marriage, the Lord had been preparing them “for just such a time as this” (Esther 4:14). Really, He’d been laying the groundwork for much longer than that . . .

. . . all the way back to when He brought Rosie from Manchester, England, to Fort Worth, Texas, to be a nurse at a hospital where two Christian women would patiently show her the unconditional love of Christ that would lead her to faith . . .

. . . to when He put Terry, a biochemist from Windsor, England, in a lab where he would study enzymes and, through observing those marvellous proteins, begin to question evolution as the source of life . . .

. . . to when He put Rosie as a nurse on a plane from Dallas to a medical conference in Brighton, England—a conference that Terry would also attend as a scientist.

Terry fell head over heels for Rosie . . . instantly. When she returned to Texas, he followed her. Not long after, they married. The Lord continued to draw Terry, assuring him first of God the Creator, then of Jesus the Saviour. Terry became involved at their church, where God used the body of Christ to plant the idea of seminary . . .

. . . which led to teaching at DTS and preaching at Scott Bean’s church . . .

. . . which led to his being in just the right place, perfectly prepared to go and help lead a ministry office that teaches God’s Word and shepherds His people throughout the United Kingdom.

Step by step, the Lord led Terry and Rosie closer and closer to Insight for Living United Kingdom, long before it existed and long before either of them knew the Lord.

Over the last 11 years, our UK office has grown to include 10 stations, a robust website, and countless testimonies of lives changed from England to Scotland to Wales and Northern Ireland. And the Lord’s work isn’t limited to our listeners! He’s also been preparing our leaders for Vision 195 . . . and specifically preparing Terry to develop Searching the Scriptures training curriculum and to become our lead trainer for pastors around the world in the coming year.

It’s an exciting adventure “for just such a time as this!”

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